Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekly Update

This is a picture of Renee after we got home from shopping.  In her right hand is a quart (liter) of milk in a bag.  That's how they sell it.  We buy the "Semidescremada" which is still real creamy.  I really like it but Renee thinks it is too rich.  I think it has something to do with liking things with cream and sugar.  She is also holding eggs that come in flats with plastic over them.  You can buy them as 6 or 15.  I think we are the number one customer for the little "Almacen" shop next to our apartment.  An Almacen is a little store where you can purchase the necessities of life.  We buy all of our eggs, milk, water and bread there.  We buy the other groceries at stores that are a little bigger but still have a good selection.  We have been really happy with the quality and availability of the food.  That coupled with bringing my own cook has made the food really good.  

We have been involved in "Temple Zone Conferences" for the last two weeks and have more in the next two weeks.  Each zone comes in a few times a year to have a zone conference and attend the Temple.  We help bring in the food and clean up.  We also have been going to the Temple with them once a week.  Last week there was four conferences so we were busy.  We also are busy with taking care of houses.  One of the houses has been plagued by attempted break ins.  The owner doesn't want to call the police because he is in trouble with them also.  I wonder if his "friends" are the ones doing the break ins.  Either way, we  are looking for a new house to move the Elders.  This is a complicated process that involves getting approval from SLC.  I still think it will be easier than getting a loan approved.

Our "tour guides" have been Elder and Sister Anderson, another senior couple that teach self sufficiency to members to help them improve their lives.  They have been very helpful in showing us around and helping us get used to where everything is.  They were scheduled to go home the end of April, but last week, Sister Anderson, had some problems with her heart so they are going home this week.  We really hate to see them go.  They are good friends and really know the country.

We have now been in the country a month and are feeling quite comfortable.  We have a GPS that tells us where every apartment and chapel is located along with other things we need so we can get around.  We are also getting to know the missionaries and really enjoy their great Spirits.  The other night we were putting screen on the sister's apartment when they came home for a discussion where the person accepted the challenge to be baptized.  They were real excited.  We also have some other meetings scheduled with the missionaries that we are looking forward to.

One of the things we are looking forward to is the visit from Elder Bednar the end of February.  We were in the middle of cleaning up some junk in the Mission Office last week when the Area President, Elder Gonzales, showed up as the head of the planning team for his visit.  I guess we will have to repent of the mess and realize that the worst they can do to us is send us home.  Anyway, it will be cleaned up when Elder Bednar gets here.

Every week we come to know a little bit more that this is the work of the Savior.  We see it in everything we see and do.  It is so wonderful to be on a Mission and feel His Spirit every day.  We know it is true and love to share it with all we meet.

We love you all and appreciate the support you give.  Thank you so much.

Love Elder and Sister Wankier

p.s.  We all knew it was only a matter of time until I had my first Pepsi.  This is my first one since I started the mission.  It was pretty good but I doubt I'll have them too often .

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