Sunday, April 24, 2016

Taking Care of the Keys of the Kingdom...

Last Monday morning we found out that the 6 office Elders lock broke so they could not get into their house to sleep Sunday night.  They slept in the mission office.  That sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it?  On Monday they called a locksmith to fix the lock.  He helped them get in but they still had an old worn out lock.  Monday night I got a call from Elder Henderson that their lock had broken also.  Then, about twenty minutes later, I got a text that another apartment in Treinte Tres had a broken front door lock also.  What are the odds that we would have three locks go out at the same time.  On Tuesday, I changed the locks that were close to home.  The picture with Elder Henderson and Brasil is a good one for the fact that it was after 7:00 P.M. and raining when we got it fixed and they still went out in the rain and worked the rest of the night.  I am so impressed with the efforts that our missionaries put in to serve the Lord.

I have been meaning to mention the weather besides the flooding for the last several weeks but we have had too much to talk about.  January and February were very hot and humid. We had the air conditioner on all the time we were in the car or at home.  Starting about the second week of March, things started to cool down some.  We also have been getting more rain.  The humidity is still here but it is much more tolerable.  We had one week when it rained a lot every day but we have had several periods when it only rains a little and the rest of the time it is quite nice.  We expect it to cool off more and have more rain.  Most people are wearing sweaters and coats during the day.  Our Gortex rain gear has come in handy.

On Wednesday we moved the Sisters in the Sarandi Grande house.  The Zone Leaders and District Leaders helped and we got it done pretty quick.  They were a lot of fun.  The Elders went with us to the hardware store to get some parts for the water heater.  When we came out of the hardware store , they were not in the van.  They were checking out the bus we have pictured.  They planned to purchase it and drive it home after their mission.  The owner even came out and showed it to them.  There were only 4,000 reasons why they didn’t do it and every one of them had George Washington on it.  

 I also had to include Elder Gomez and his photo bombs.  I think his mother is following the blog so I don’t want to startle her by saying that we aren’t going to let him go home.  We will probably let him go, but it is going to be real sad just like it is for all of the other missionaries.

A couple of weeks ago we were going through Florida and had the chance to drive Elder Gomez and Balke to San Ramon as the bus schedule was not going to help them.  We always like to say something uplifting and we often encourage them by saying that tonight could be the night that they find someone special to teach.  When we dropped these two elders off we said this but I had a real strong impression that indeed something important was going to happen that night.  I thought of calling to ask them several times but neglected to do it.  Well, while we were moving I asked Elder Gomez how that night went.  He said that even though it was raining they were able to find several good people to teach and have one lady that is really progressing from that night.  That is really special.  I mentioned that it is hard to go out in the rain and Elder Gomez countered by saying that he loves going out in the rain because they always have the most success in the rain.  You can’t make that attitude up.  It is no wonder that the missionaries enjoy their missions so much and do so many wonderful things.

Last week some of the missionaries were talking about buying a waffle maker and cooking waffles.  Well we have a waffle maker so Wafflemania was born.  You can tell that they enjoyed it.  Renee made about 2 quarts of mix and they ate it all along with eggs and fruit.  And these aren’t even the big eaters.  Not to be outdone, the sisters came over last night for dinner.  Renee cooked a typical Sunday pork dinner.  It was really good.  Three of the four sisters are natives so it was good to help Renee with her Spanish.

We really enjoy all of the things that we do, but we especially enjoy the things we do with the missionaries.  They are so full of life and have strong testimonies and want to follow Christ’s plan.  It is awesome to work with them.  We love them and appreciate all that they do for us and for the Lord. 

Love you all.  We wouldn’t be too disappointed if there were more comments on our blog. (hint, hint)


  1. I'll start the comments. :)

    Thanks for all the pictures!! It's nice to SEE you are doing well. It's also nice to know my mom is still feeding everyone you can find. Love you Mom!!

  2. Now I want waffles... Guess what's for dinner.

    So fun "meeting" all the missionaries you get to work with and you get to use your talents (dad fixing stuff and mom cooking).

  3. So did the missionaries tell the owner of the bus (van) that he was about thirty-five hundred reasons to high?


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