Sunday, September 25, 2016

On Top of the World

September 25, 2016

This week started out pretty uneventful as we did our part in the office.  I have thought many times that now that I am retired I really don’t want to do all the stuff that I used to do while I was working.  Well, after 38 years in the business world I now get to do it in Spanish.  And let me tell you, my Spanish isn’t good enough to keep things going.  So far, I don’t think I have bought or sold anything that I shouldn’t have.  We got things pretty much under control on Tuesday so we could go see some missionaries.

We stayed in a hotel in Treinte Y Tres. Here Vanna is
showing off the fancy TV.
The apartment the farthest from the mission home is Rio Branco.  It is located on the Brazilian border.  A few weeks ago, their washing machine broke so we have been trying to get another washer for them and find time to deliver it.  On Wednesday morning we took off for Melo with a washing machine in the back of the van.  On the way we stopped to look at possible apartments to move some of the Elders.  This is more complicated than I thought it would be as we usually have to go several times to find a good spot.  It also gave us a chance to inspect the houses of the missionaries.  We were really pleased with the work the missionaries have done to keep their houses clean in Melo.  I wish I could send pictures of all of the missionaries as they bring such joy to our lives.  This week we’ll have to settle on a picture of Elder Ruiz and Perez picking lemons for us.  We are planning to have the lemon bars that Renee made from some of them for a treat a little later.  Wednesday night we arrived in Treinte Y Tres about 8:30 P. M.  We were tired but had had a great day with the missionaries.  Thursday morning we did inspections of the houses in Treinte Y Tres and headed home.  On the way, we stopped to inspect the Minas Elders' apartments.  So in two big days we inspected all the houses on Route 8 and had a great time with the missionaries.

Elders Ruiz and Perez picking lemons from their back yard tree
Friday was more office work but also included helping with District Leader Conference.  It was another great opportunity to visit with the missionaries.  Friday night we went to dinner with President and Sister Eddy at the little restaurant on the beach.  They don’t open the kitchen until 8:00 P. M. so it was a late dinner.  The food was great and we had great time learning about the Eddy family.  President and Sister Eddy are so right for the job.  They are happy and positive and provide great leadership.  It has been fun to watch them put their mark on the mission.

So, Saturday is supposed to be our P-day or the day we rest up and prepare for the week.  This lasted until about 11:00 A. M. as we got up and cleaned the house, ironed shirts and got ready to do our weekend Capilla Abierta program.  We took off for Sarandi del Yi about 11:30 A. M. and met the missionaries in Durazno at 3:00 P.M.   It was after 4:00 P.M. when we arrived at the chapel.  We were really looking forward to this Capilla Abierta as the Ward was really enthusiastic a couple of weeks ago when we did our presentation.  We were not disappointed.  They were just finishing up with a convert baptism when we arrived so there was a real good crowd.  After we set up the displays we had a little prayer meeting to start the open house.  The Chapel was pretty much filled and the people were really excited to help.  We had eight sisters and four elders to help with the tours.  They did a good job but for the most part just sat back and assisted the ward members.  All of the ward auxiliaries had displays of their various organizations.  We have not seen it done better.  The members were front and center in helping with everything.  The food was incredible as we learned of two of three new ways to prepare treats.  So we had a sell-out crowd and a great time.  There were 19 investigators that attended.  We were scheduled to finish at 8:00 P. M. but there were more people that wanted to do the tour.  And then all of the ward members wanted a picture in front of the Christus statue so we were quite a bit later than expected.  The picture with me and the Bishopric is a prized possession and one that I will treasure as one of highlights of our mission.  We still had at least two hours of driving to get to our hotel but instead of getting in too much of a hurry we realized that this was exactly why we came to Uruguay.  To help share the Gospel with the people of Uruguay.  So after we loaded up the stuff we had a one hour trip to Durazno to drop off the Elders and then another hour round trip to take four Sisters out to Trinidad.  It was a wonderful day and one that we will always remember.  We got to bed about midnight.

Which was fine except we had to be up at 6:00 A.M. to make our appointment to do the Capilla Abierta presentation in La Paz at 9:30 A. M.  So we slept fast and had a real pleasant early morning drive.  We were looking forward to the visit to La Paz as they have had some baptisms lately and were pretty enthusiastic.  We were not disappointed.  They had over 100 people attending including a man that was baptized last night and confirmed in Sacrament meeting.   A recent convert gave a talk in Sacrament meeting and there were several investigators in Church.  You could feel the enthusiasm.  We expect another good Capilla Abierta in two weeks.

We finished off the week with a great Argentine/Uruguayan tradition: the siesta.  And I have to mention that the Lemon bars were excellent.
The end of a perfect day
It is incredible to be able to serve in so many ways.  Our testimonies grow each day as we find new ways that the Savior has blessed our lives.  We love all of you and really appreciate hearing from you.  I have to say that I have enjoyed some real good hunting photos but they do make me real trunky.

 We love you all.
Gordon and Renee


  1. I love seeing all the people you were able to teach at the Capilla Abierta! And I know your next one will be great, too.

  2. I love hearing about the enthusiasm of the member. Such a great example. I also need to make lemon bars, with fresh lemons, now to just find someone with a tree...

    Love you!

  3. I love you both so much. I hope you are enjoying the mission and all the crazy missionaries. I can't wait to hear about all your crazy stories from the other side. Thanks for all you have done for me and the mission. You are loved!
    -Curtis Gomez

  4. Hey you great missionaries !! It's abt time I wrote. I think abt you so much and know you are doing a great service . Your blog is so great . Miss you and send love and prayers for your success and good health !!

    1. Sorry I don't recognize your email. Simple question, who are you?


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