Sunday, November 27, 2016

Party Week

November 27, 2016

This past week was quite unusual with my birthday and Thanksgiving.  We started out Monday by doing some office work in the morning and then moving the Elders into their new house in Pando in the afternoon.  We took Elder Cabrera and Hemeyer to the store to purchase their supplies.  I don’t think there is a better picture than one of a missionary with a “Hello Kitty” mug, unless one has a “Hello Kitty” mug and the other has a “Barbie” mug.  I think I can sell these to their parents to show when they get married, or even better, when they have kids.  This really explains these missionaries.   They are always happy, helpful and ready to go.  They also make us feel good as they share their stories of the work.  The Elders worked especially good to get help from the members to get moved in.  They are now on the top of my list.

Taking Elders to the bus.  Elder Ward is happy, Elder Silvia is crazy
Tuesday was the Oro Conference.  That is when the newest missionaries come in with their trainers after about a month to get some instructions.  This is an exciting bunch.  They really look forward to the good food.  I was determined to show Elder Ward without food in his mouth and I was successful.  He is really doing a good job leading and teaching his companion.  These pictures show some real top notch missionaries.


On Wednesday we had a fun day.  We went with the Temple Missionaries on a tour of Montevideo.  You get on a bus and listen to a guide telling you about all of the neat things of Montevideo.  We stopped at the port and at the Plaza Independencia.  The shopping at the port was quite touristy but we still saw some neat things that we are probably going to get to take home.  At the Plaza Independencia we went to the underground room where they keep the ashes of Artigas, the main General.  It was quite interesting.  I hope you like the pictures.

Thanksgiving Day in Montevideo

Thursday was Thanksgiving.  We had a real nice dinner and really enjoyed ourselves.  It made us feel right at home but also miss home a lot.  I wish this didn’t sound so trunky, but next year we will be home.

Friday we had some more business to do including going to get the checks to pay the utility bills and other payments.  This worked real well.  Saturday was my 63rd birthday.  To celebrate we drove to 33 to do a Capilla Abierta.  The missionaries were real good and we had a pretty good turnout.  We plan to go out to dinner with the Temple Missionaries to celebrate on Monday.  Even so, I was able to spend the day with Renee and we did have an enjoyable day.
Capilla Abierta in 33.  Another great zone!
We stayed in 33 last night after the Capilla Abierta.  This morning we went to Church in 33 and then drove to Maldonado for another Capilla Abierta.  It was a real good service.  We have attended many wards and are so impressed at how well the members live and teach the Gospel.  Today was the Primary program.  Even though they did not have a big primary, the kids did a great job.  Their talks were very well prepared and they bore strong testimonies.  I especially liked the songs.

The drive to Maldonado was over some new road with great views.  I am trying to finish this up before the Capilla Abierta starts so this is not going to be too long.  One good story that I need to tell.  One of our missionaries told us last week that they had been working real hard to prepare an evening at the Church so that they could show the movie about Joseph Smith.  They made invitations and worked hard to invite members and non-members.  Well, last night it rained real hard and only one person came.  They were very disappointed.  I told him to read D&C 122.  That is good for all of us to read from time to time.  I need to tell him that the worst week of my first mission was followed by my best.  It is true that the blessings come after the trial of our faith.

We love you all and appreciate what you do.
Gordon and Renee

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  1. Amazing picture of Elder Ward without food! Thanks for not giving up on him :)


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