Sunday, May 14, 2017

Just This Side of Normal

After the trip to Iguazu Falls last week it is time to get back in the swing of things.  One thing I forgot to mention from last week was what we did with money.  I purchased some Argentine Pesos and Brazilian Reales to go with the Uruguayan Pesos and Dollars.  It was kind of like playing monopoly.  When they would tell us the price I would put a bunch of money on the counter and let them pick what they wanted.  It also helped when we could use the credit card.  At least we looked like we knew what was going on.

We said good bye to our good friends the Wibergs this week.  We had a game night on Monday night and then said good bye at the airport.  We really enjoy getting together with the senior couples.  It won’t be the same without them.  The Jensen’s are still here and I am sure we will spend some fun times with them.

We are getting close to the end of the change and we wanted to invite Elder Childs and his companion, Elder Ucanan to lunch.  So we did that on Monday.  Elder Childs wanted hamburgers and hot dogs.  They each ate two burgers and a hot dog, including the buns.  Lunch also included macaroni salad, chips and milk shakes.  I honestly don’t know where they put it all.  As Elder Childs completes his four changes or six months in the mission office it is going to be hard to see him go.  He is so happy and fun to be around.  He kind of likes to boss me around and I get a kick out of it.  I don’t listen or do what he says but I do get a kick out of it.

We had one last big trip to finish the inspections for all seventy houses before the cold comes.  We had to go on the Minas, 33, Melo trip.  This is a long two day trip.  Normally we start this trip before 8:00 A. M. but left later so we could get in come exercise.  Our first stop was in Minas at the house of Elder Munoz and Elder Cristobal.  I want to mention them especially because their house was so clean.  The cleanest I have ever seen this house.  I just love how they respond and take care of things. 
From there we went straight to Melo.  This is over 400 kilometers or about 250 miles.  The houses in Melo were clean also.  We are so grateful.  One of our stops was to visit Sister Campbell and Sister Luker.  They were in the middle of preparing food for a “pioneer night”.  We picked them up at the church and took them back to their house.  They had a lot of food including corn bread and honey butter.  I asked them how they planned to get all of the food to the church.  Sister Luker put the little smirk on her face and said, “We were hoping you would take us.”  That’s what we are here for.  We love helping.  I hope you can see the happiness in their smiles and in their eyes.  They are a great companionship.

Now we had an unusual assignment.  There is a small town about 45 minutes from 33 named Vergara.  We have had missionaries there, but not for six months.  We decided to stop and see how the house was doing.  But, first we had to find the key.  Step one, call the Zone Leaders.  They had no idea where the key was.  Step two; call the Elders that left the house.  They said they left the key and phone with the Plaza Elders to give to the Zone Leaders.  Step three, call the Plaza Elders.  They have no idea where the key is.  Step four; call the owner to see if he has a key.  Step five; stop at the house at about 8:00 P. M. to see if the owner has the key.  Nope.   Step six; search the zone leader house with no luck.  Step seven, go to the Plaza house.  They have a set of keys that might fit.  Step eight; drive out to the Vergara house to try the keys.  Step nine, become very happy when the key opened the door.  I was very very happy.  I mean biggest fish you ever caught happy.  I mean, the Yankees won the World Series happy.  This saved us so much time and money that I can’t even count.
The picture of Elder Cole and Andersen doesn’t even begin to show how happy I was.   When I called to tell Elder Andersen the key worked he was quite happy too.  I told him that to celebrate, they needed to find a family to teach.  Well, about 9:00 P.M., Elder Andersen called.  He was excited.  He told us that they were teaching a lady and two teenagers came in to listen and were real excited about the Book of Mormon.  It was definitely a great day for all of us.

Friday morning we helped with the Oro Conference and then headed off for Castillos.  This weekend was District Conference so we concentrated on visiting as many members as we could to invite them to come to conference.  We had some real good visits.  We are good friends with the people of Castillos and enjoy our time with them.  I wish I had room to tell about all of the neat experiences that we had.

I will mention one.  We had heard several members talk about a certain family but we had not met them because we did not know the address.  We finally got the address and stopped by to see them.  They welcomed us and we had such a good visit.  Both Renee and I commented on how peaceful the house was.  We visited for about an hour and really got to know them.  We expect to see them in Church the next time we go to Castillos.

On Friday night we went to the adult meeting of District Conference.  President Eddy asked us to bear our testimonies.  Renee did a good job with her Spanish.  It is definitely a learning experience.  We love the people of Castillos and can see the changes that are happening over time.  It was such a wonderful experience to enjoy conference with them.  Each time we go we look forward to the neat experiences the Lord has in store for us.  We are never disappointed.

I hope all the mothers had a great mother’s day.  We love you all and appreciate your support.

Love, Gordon and Renee


  1. Love that mom is able to do what she does best, be a mother. How blessed those missionaries are to have her!

  2. We Love to see Elder Cole!

    Are the Wiberg's from Moses Lake, WA? I wonder if they are - my siblings went to school with their kids growing up, if it's them.

    As always, thank you for taking good care of the missionaries.

  3. Yes they are from Moses Lake. They live in Spokane now.
    Should be more pics of Elder Cole this week.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the story of Elder Cole and Andersen! So fun to read!


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