Sunday, June 18, 2017

Baptism Crashers

Saturday we had a Capilla Abierta in Norte in the morning and then needed to go to Trinidad to do the presentation for the Capilla Abierta that is set for July 1st.  To make it an easier trip we decided to leave directly from the Capilla Abierta to stay overnight in Durazno.  This was going to make it a pretty lazy Saturday afternoon and evening.  It also gave us the chance to drop off a few things.   After dropping off a propane heater in Florida we called Elder Holland and Ponce in Sarandi Grande to drop off a package.  They were just leaving for Durazno to attend the baptism of one of Elder Holland’s former investigators in Durazno.  We had just enough time to make it at 5:00.  They had a great turnout of about 50 people.  What great support.  While we were waiting, the Zone Leaders told us that the Sisters in the Hospital Ward had a baptism at 7:00.  So we decided to crash that one too.  Instead of getting into the hotel before 6:00 we ended up getting in at 9:00 after a great time with the members and the missionaries.  Nothing brings smiles to the faces of missionaries or members like baptisms.

Now for the rest of the week.  We finally had the chance to invite our friends over to eat.  On Tuesday night we invited our good friend Gordon Little.  Renee served meatloaf and scalloped potatoes, my favorite meal.  We have talked about him before.  He was born in Uruguay with parents from England.  He speaks perfect English and Spanish.  He is such a delight to have over.  We enjoy talking about a broad number of topics.  He is such a kind and thoughtful gentleman, a phrase I reserve for a very few.

On Wednesday we had Humberto and Cristina over for lunch. Renee served hamburgers with mushroom gravy.  We had a great time visiting and enjoying each other’s company.  During our visit Humberto looked out our window and commented that as a teenager he used to swim out to the island with his friends.  He then told us that the island was called Monkey Island.  When he said that, Cristina said, “He swam out to visit his family!”  I love that!  As the time passed we could see that they needed to get back home to sleep the siesta.  What a wonderful tradition!

We also spent some time inspecting houses and cutting the grass.  I especially like the photos of the Elders using the weed whacker to cut the grass.  The Elders are really good to help rake the grass and clean up.  It is so fun spending time with them.

The weekend was definitely the best part of the week.  We have been working to train members to take the lead on the Capilla Abiertas.  On Friday we drove to Minas to train the public relations specialist in the Maldonado Stake.  The Villanueva family is a treat.  Both parents are return missionaries and have served in all of the leadership positions.  It is amazing the strength of the members and what they are able to do to help.  Our visit started out with a lunch of roast pork and potatoes.  I ate way too much!  After we had lunch and discussed the training, Tomas gave me a tour of his “man cave”.  Yes, they even have them in Uruguay.  It is amazing how you can meet a family for such a short time and it seems like you have been friends forever.  I hope we can have them come to Blackfoot for a visit.  We got done in good time Friday afternoon so we took a detour so we could drop off packages in Pan de Azucar and Piriapolis.  We got home late but were able to deliver some packages and provide heat for some more Elders.

You already know we had a Capilla Abierta on Saturday morning.  It started at 10:00 A.M.  We were afraid that it was going to rain but the weather turned out quite nice.  The missionaries worked real hard to invite people to come to the Capilla Abierta.  We didn’t have a lot of visitors but they were still able to talk to a lot of people.  I have so much respect for all the work they do. Instead of the lazy Saturday afternoon that we had planned we ended up going to the two baptisms.  It was a busy day but a fun day.

Today we went out to Trinidad to do the presentation for the Capilla Abierta.  Trinidad is one of the outposts of our mission.  We arrived early and were met by several members that welcomed us with open arms.  In less than a minute we felt like we had been there for years.  By the time Church started we thought we better stick around to wait for our calling.  We felt so at home.  This ward has so much strength.  There are many families that have more than one generation in the Church.  They were anxious to help us. We can hardly wait to go back in two weeks.

Our afternoon ended with a pleasant drive home on route 3.  We have never been on this road before so it was a real fun trip.  We also had fun talking to our family for Father’s Day.  It is so good to be able to talk to our family by Facetime.  We are so grateful to have the Gospel in our life and be able to share it with our family.  We love you all and hope you had a wonderful week.

Gordon and Renee


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  2. A weed whacker?!?! That's awesome! haha Love all the pics

  3. Loved the picture of the sign for dyslexic friends! And thanks for the picture of my missionary at the Norte Capilla Abierta

  4. Love reading your blog! Gordon and two are amazing! Thanks for the great pic of Elder Holland, and for all you do to love, support and FEED the missionaries (Jake loves your cooking, and loves you!). Our love and prayers are with you! 😊


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