Saturday, January 2, 2016

First Week in Uruguay

Things have gone by so fast we don't know where to begin.  First, after a 22+ hour flight and no sleep we arrived in Montevideo and the first thing we noticed is that everyone here speaks Spanish!  Now what?  We are learning little by little.  Elder and Sister Anderson have been our guides and have shown us around.  We have been to two Zone Conferences and spent some time in the office with the finances.  It is amazing how complicated and yet how simple the mission finances work.  I am sure we are going to enjoy it.

Uruguay is famous for their fire works display on Christmas and New Year's eve.  Were able to go up on the roof the other night and see it. The whole town was shooting them off. I would describe it as if everyone could have the fireworks that Dave Tanner wished he had.  It was quite a show.  Thousands of rounds.  I wish we could have taken decent pictures.

We visited one of the mission apartments the other day.  They were proud of how clean it was.  I told them that it was about 50% of what I expect as clean and 0% of what Renee expects.  I hope we can teach the missionaries that if they are clean that they will be better tools for the work.  It looks like the food here is going to be pretty close to the same as in the US.  First, I brought my own cook and second they have markets with the same things that we are used to.  We haven't seen any mountains move yet or other miracles.  But, I did lose my i-Pad on  the way down so we are hoping that it does show up.  The mission President has talked to us about some projects that he wants us to work on so we are excited to get going and get in the game.


  1. I love that view. Your comment about the cleanliness of the apartment made me laugh. You both look happy and healthy. Keep up the play-by-play.

  2. Glad to have this blog so we can keep in touch. You both will be wonderful missionaries. I hope those people will learn quickly how lucky they are to have you. Have a wonderful day. Oh by the way, Jennifer Bench gave her life history in Relief Society last Sunday and made a beautiful tribute to you Renee for being her 1st friend here in Blackfoot and how much you mean to her. Love ya

  3. So exciting, looking good in those name tags Elder and Sister!

  4. These are truly adorable photographs. I am glad that you had such fantabulous time over there. Thanks a ton for these photos. I will attend a wedding very soon with my family at one of best Chicago wedding venues. Quite excited for this wedding as it’s a great chance for a memorable trip to Chicago.


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