Sunday, April 9, 2017

All Smiles

Our two 8-year-old Grandsons

I’m starting this blog with a picture of two of our grandsons that got baptized yesterday in Blackfoot.  We were able to see it through Facetime that made it a little easier.  Also, one of our dear friends received her endowments on Saturday.  This kind of puts into focus some of the things we are missing.  It is good that we can fill our lives with other good things to take some of the sting away.  Either way, do you think I want to give these two a hug?

First, we had a trip to the temple

I could fill this blog with a lot of real boring stuff like cutting grass and working with apartments.  That is what we did for the first part of the week.  It is important but not interesting.  So I think we’ll move right onto Thursday.  This change all of the missionaries came in to go to the Temple.  Because the office missionaries schedule is a little different, they went Thursday instead.  We decided to tag along.  It was really a neat experience.  The Montevideo Temple is a tremendous blessing to the country.  I can see it in the lives of all of the members.
Then we had the birthday party
Then we had another birthday party
Including lemon pie
Thursday was also Elder Cheney’s Birthday.  We started with a little birthday party at the office where we ate cake from Sister Eddy.  This included a scented candle that was blown out by Elder Cheney.  We finished off the day with dinner made by Renee for Elder Cheney and Elder Montiel.  This was for his birthday, to also thank Elder Montiel for his six months in the office and to have a Charla with one of our friends.  Kind of a multiple use dinner.  The meal included tin foil dinners, jello and lemon pie.  The Elders ate a lot.  We had a real good Charla where the Spirit was strong.

Then we had inspections, including cookies
These Elders won the prize for "the cleanest this apartment
has ever been."  Thanks Elders Hemeyer and Riscanevo
We couldn't decide which picture was better, so we included both
Friday we took off as soon as we could for Castillos.  On the way we stopped at the Maldonado Zone to do inspections.  We were so impressed.  All of the apartments were very clean.  Elder Hemeyer and Riscanevo’s apartment was especially clean.  We had never seen the apartment like this.  It really shows in their apartment and their smiles.  In fact, all of the missionaries did such a good job.  You can tell they are happy and doing such a good job.

At the Capilla Abierta
We also did inspections in the Rocha Zone.  Again we were so appreciative of the work the missionaries have done to keep their houses clean.  I didn’t take pictures of them in their houses because we had the Capilla Abierta with them on Saturday.  The Capilla Abierta went real well.  The missionaries contacted hundreds of people and invited them to come in.  There were not a lot of people attending but two of the ones that attended accepted an invitation to be baptized.  I’d say that was a pretty good night.

My job was to show the video on “The Prince of Peace” and invite the people to view the other videos at home.  From my vantage point I could see the Elders working as they explained the various parts of the Gospel and invited the people to learn more.  What a wonderful blessing!  They are so knowledgeable and express such strong testimonies.  I love to be a part of it.  One of the things that I noticed about these pictures is how happy the Missionaries are.  You can see it in their faces and feel it in their presence.  We love it.

Including "the old Man" Elder Vallecillos

I had to include a picture with me and Elder Villecillos.  He has been a Zone Leader for most of the time we have been here.  He also served in the zone that includes the mission office so we have seen him a lot.  He goes home soon and I am already sad.  We make such good friends with the missionaries it is so hard to see them go.

We also spent the weekend in Castillos again.  We love serving in Castillos.  From Narda’s lunch on Saturday, to the individual visits, to Church on Sunday.  This little branch is trying to grow.  It is rewarding to visit the members and support Elder Xavier and Elder Ramos in their efforts.  Each time we go we try to listen to the Spirit to be directed to visit the right people and support and help.  We always come away feeling rewarded for our efforts.  Most of the experiences are a little too personal to share in this blog, but we continue to feel the Spirit and are rewarded for our efforts in so many ways.

We just had one last minute thing.  Just as I was getting ready to write the blog, we got a call that a set of missionaries had lost their keys.  This is a challenge on a Sunday evening.  As I headed out to help them I remembered that we have some copies for some of the apartments in the mission office.  As an answer to prayer we had an extra set for them.  This turned a difficult problem into an easy solution.  We were so grateful.

Thanks for all of the support we receive.  We love you all.
Gordon and Renee


  1. The editor knows the pictures are a little strange today, but she is away from her computer. They will be fixed and re-arranged in a couple days

  2. Those grandsons are so handsome!!!

  3. I agree with Stacy, the grandsons are handsome fellas! Thank you for sacrificing your own family time for a mission. :)

  4. Your grandsons are eagerly awaiting a hug from you. We are so grateful we could FaceTime with you so you could be a part of it. Modern technology is certainly a blessing!

  5. I love how much you love serving your missionaries and the people in Uruguay! You stay so busy and seem to do all you are asked with so much joy and energy! It's so impressive! Thank you for posting pics of my girl again. It's so great to see her so happy. 💕🤗

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping make Elder Cheney's birthday so special. He said it was so much better than he thought a mission birthday could be. And thanks again for the pictures!


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