Sunday, April 2, 2017

You Know It Don’t Come Easy

One of the first things I noticed when we got here was that most of the lawn mowing is done with weed whackers.  It is very common to see several guys on the highway median with weed whackers, cutting the grass.  At first you may think it is quite inefficient but you begin to notice that they do a pretty fast and good job.

Several of the apartments have yards with grass that needs to be cut.  We try to get members to help but sometimes that is difficult.  No, actually, it is always difficult.  So we end up with either a rather expensive bill or yards that look like the people have moved.  To help with this, the mission purchased some electric weed trimmers.  They are mostly burned up so we are now trying to do it with a gas powered weed whacker.  We have one in the storage unit but it has not been operated.
I decided to see if I could get it going.  The first step was to buy a gas can.  It took three stops but we finally found it.  We had to present the new gas can with the receipt at the service desk to get the cap.  That’s kind of a security thing.  With fresh gas the weed whacker didn’t start.  I pulled on it quite a few times including the time I didn’t notice how close I was to the wall and whacked my elbow.  We’re talking tears-in-your-eyes whacked.  It really hurt.

Next step was to buy a spark plug.  So, how do you say “spark plug” in Spanish?  Bujía.  It was on the tip of my tongue.  First, I went to the hardware store.  They said to go to the service station.  No luck there.  They said to go to Cymaco.  You can see by the picture that this was the right store.  It is on the corner of the two most common streets in our mission.   I have passed it well over 100 times.  With a new spark plug, still no luck.  I then went to the service store for weed whackers.  They sold me the little bulb for about $3.  It still did not work.  They told me they would give me 10% off on a new one.  When we went back to buy the new one, they said they couldn’t do the discount with a credit card.  So now we have a new weed whacker and an old one that is in the shop until at least April 26.  This week has made me really appreciate my friend LG at Mr. Mower.  You can also tell from the pictures that I really miss my John Deere Mower.  “Nothing Runs Like a Deere!”

After that we made short work of several of the houses.  The missionaries were good to help rake up the cut grass, especially when I remembered to take a rake.

Friday was Oro conference when they bring the new missionaries in after 4 weeks and give them and their trainers more training.  It is a fun time to see how the new missionaries are doing.  This is a really fun group.  You can tell that the new missionaries are doing well with their trainers.  The new Latino elders are even learning English from Elder Newman.  So far he has taught them, “Oh Yeah”.  He is quite the teacher.

Our favorite part of the week was the Charlas that we have been able to attend.  Elder Montiel and Elder Cheney have invited us to several.  It is a highlight of our mission to be able to attend these charlas and feel the Spirit.  We had a real special experience on Thursday night.  We had a charla with a part member family that went real well.  Elder Montiel ended the charla by inviting them to General Conference.  We are very hopeful that they will come.  Then we dropped by another lady that they have taught but have had trouble finding again.  She was home and invited us in.  She was very quick to tell us that she was not planning to change religions.  We’ve never heard that before.  In the middle of our discussion Elder Montiel invited her to General Conference.  In the middle of talking about modern day prophets, she stopped him.  “You mean there are Prophets on the earth today that speak to God?” she said.  Her whole countenance changed.  She became very interested in what she could learn from them.  We are hopeful she will come to Conference today.

We also went on another charla to another lady that was about to be baptized a couple of years ago but decided not to.  The Elders found her on the street.  She is reading and praying and attending Church.  Her home was filled with the spirit.  We are expecting a baptism this month. What an exciting time to be in the mission field.

We are ending off the week with General Conference.  We go over to the Temple Missionary apartments to watch Conference with them.  We really enjoyed the messages yesterday.  The sessions start at 1:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. here so we have all of the morning free.  The time change makes the 9:00 P.M. Priesthood start time a little late but it was so good.  Like dad always said, “they always bring out the big guns for Priesthood meeting.”

Yesterday we had “Mega Milla Pizza” for lunch.  This is a 12” diameter milanesa with pizza toppings.   It is served on a bed of French Fries.  It is very delicious and low calorie.  You can tell that by the grease dripping down your arms.  I’m sure we all lost weight yesterday.  Today we are having omelets, thanks to Elder Jensen.   They are extremely good.

I better get ready for conference.  We love all of you and miss you more and more.  Thanks for all of your love and support.

Gordon and Renee


  1. Love the wonderful picture at the top with Elder Cheney in it. Thanks for your great blog!

  2. It's good to see that the new missionaries haven't lost their appetites - and neither have the old ones! Keep blogging - we love it!


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